Disney Frozen Fever Hairstyles follows the incredible success of Frozen Hairstyles - Inspired by Anna and Elsa, one of Edda USA’s bestselling titles.

Based on Anna and Elsa’s hairstyles in the Disney animated short "Frozen Fever", the book contains 28 new hairdos incorporating flowers and other summertime accessories - perfect for everything from long, lazy days to festive evenings and special occasions. Each style is photographed on a real child with meticulous step-byste- instructions to make every coiffure easy to achieve.

Disney Frozen Fever Hairstyles also features Braidschool, an invaluable section that shows how to construct the basic braids that are fundamental to Anna and Elsa’s looks. There are directions for creating traditional, French, Dutch, rope, and fishtail styles.

Now anyone can look like a princess from Arendelle. If you liked the previous book, you will loveDisney Frozen Fever Hairstyles.

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Publisher: Edda USA 2015

Author: Theodora Mjoll

Photography: Saga Sig

Stylist: Magnea Einars

Makeup: Karin Kristjana