The Hair

– over 70 hairstyles for long hair and mid length hair. 


In this book you can find easy instructions and a huge variety of hairstyles that are suitable for all the  moments in your life- for school, work, birthday parties and all the happy moments. The book contains how to curl your hair, how to braid and all kinds of hair updo´s.  

"The Hair" was the second most sold book in Iceland 2012 and has given so many women all around inspiration. This book was Theodora Mjoll´s first hair book and was so successful that she has been making hair books for companies around the world such as Disney and HH Simonsen. 

Publisher: Salka Forlag 2012
Author: Theodora Mjoll
Photographer: Saga Sig
Makeup: Isak Freyr
Set design: Sonja Björk